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A year into the pandemic, American travelers are eager to take a break from their everyday routine and embark on fun weekend getaways easily accessible by road. We’ve seen the revival of the great American road trip and the growing popularity of glamping and themed vacations over the past few months. Given American travelers’ love for fun, relaxation, and leisure, we thought a virtual tour of Georgia state’s best vineyards and wineries might inspire our American readers and fellow wanderlust-ers to head there next!

Rosé All Day

One of the best things about a wine vacation is that it can accommodate a bit…

Source: Ravi Patel on Unsplash

A person’s age might be just a number, but the first strand of grey hair, the first wrinkle, the first year of a new decade — all mark a new milestone in the journey of life. Whether we embrace it with fervor or disdain is up to us.

The pro-aging or anti-anti-aging movement is fast picking up in different parts of the world. Early millennials and baby boomers (people over the age of 45 years) are embracing natural beauty as time’s gift. The focus isn’t on anti-aging but aging well by taking care of one’s physical and mental health.


A bouquet of flowers, hand-written cards, and customized tokens of affection — these familiar gift exchanges are a common tradition on annual holidays devoted to parents across the globe: Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Founded by Anna Jarvis to honor the sacrifices mothers made for their children, Mother’s Day started as an anti-war movement in the 1900s and was immediately adopted by nations worldwide. Similarly, a woman who, from a young age, was graciously raised by her widowed father birthed Father’s Day.

In commemoration of Mother’s Day, we looked into consumer purchase decisions relating to gifting ideas and products on Amazon…

Misinformation. The internet is rampant with it. Whether it is climate change, Covid-19 or QAnon supported content, we are being bombarded with fake news everyday. How do we fight against online misinformation?

Quilt.AI conducted a deep dive on who the climate naysayers are online, trying to understand their views, motivations and digital tools and tactics. There are three types of climate deniers: science skeptics, conspiracy theorists, and counter propagandists. Science skeptics do not believe in scientific evidence proposed by climate scientists. Conspiracy theorists think climate change is a fluke created for political and economic means. …

Online violence is the use of technology to cause, facilitate, or threaten violence against individuals that may result in physical, sexual, psychological, or economic harm and suffering and includes the exploitation of the individuals’ circumstances, characteristics, or vulnerabilities[2].

In India, online violence has seen a steady increase with women reporting more frequent online violence than men. Evidence also shows that online violence disproportionately impacts women, girls and, LGBTI individuals[3].

Quilt.AI and the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) have spent the last several months researching online violence in India. …

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

As culture watchers, we have been observing the surge in demand for escapist experiences since the onset of the pandemic. We saw people turn to comfort TV viewing, digital theme parks, virtual clubbing, comfort food, and flycations to cope. Things aren’t very different in 2021.

With heavy travel restrictions and continuing lockdowns in different parts of the world, people missing travel and open expanses have moved from land to sea. According to reports, over 82,000 Singaporeans have taken ‘cruises to nowhere,’ while Americans have pre-booked future cruise offerings. …

You’d think that dating apps would be the last thing on people’s minds right now, in the middle of our one-year-and-counting struggle with the global pandemic.

Not really. More Americans are spending time online searching for the right match.

Pandemic era: a boom for dating apps

Popular apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge actually registered an increase in users and time spent online in 2020. Overall, eight of the biggest dating apps in America saw a 12.6% year-over-year increase in monthly active users in the final quarter of 2020.

Using our Culture AI tools, we studied data from dating…

Imagine waking up from a long night out without a nasty hangover and bad breath. And no, this doesn’t just apply to a zero-alcohol commitment in Dry January or Dry July- it’s a permanent lifestyle change decided on by a growing number of people in the United States.

Not only is there an increased focus on the side effects of alcoholic and carbonated drinks, but there is also an increased variety of healthy drink alternatives available for consumers. The rise in popularity of low-alcohol and carbon drinks has led to the introduction of alcohol-free bars in New York, London, and…

What does optimism look like?

A lot like this, we think.

The year 2021 brought with it a ray of hope for travel enthusiasts around the world. With the “new normal” settling in, there was finally something to look forward to beyond the four walls of our homes (with all safety precautions in place of course). This reflects in search behavior over the last three months in the USA, with “travel 2021” seeing a gradual rise over the last 3–4 months.

It’s been so long since we embarked on a “carefree” trip without the pandemic weighing on us that near-term…

It’s hard to think of a time when we didn’t have the option of getting a pedicure at the click of a button. Whether it’s the issue of not being able to get an appointment at a preferred time at the parlor, having a deadline at work, or just being plain lazy to step outside of your home, the value added by on-demand beauty services is endless. Despite the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in several countries, the safety aspect has become more critical than ever, which has added to the popularity of housecall beauty applications.

Across Southeast Asia, men…

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